Atul Pateriya by Cartoonist Mansoor

Atul Pateriya by Cartoonist Mansoor

Thursday, May 27, 2010

अतुल पटेरिया ; lalit Modi-IPL issue busted year before by Aaj Samaj : with heading ''Khel Khatam''

Atul Pateriya/Aaj Samaj has busted this news almost a year back that Lalit Modi will soon thrown out from the Cricket by the fore said ANTY lobby and now it came true. In national Hindi daily news paper AAJ SAMAAJ published from New Delhi, on its 08Decembers'09 issue came with the fact that soon Lalit Modi would be out from his so called empire by the anti lobby.IT WAS ONLY AND VERY FIRST NEWS BROADCASTER 'AAJ SAMAAJ' WHO REVEALED THIS SHOCKING AND SENSATIONAL NEWS WHICH LATER RUNS OUT THE NATION IN MULTI CRORE SCAM SMELL AND ALSO TOUCHED DOWN THE PARLIAMENT IN ITS SHOCKING WAVES.Later this sensational issue and story has been picked by English news channel CNN-IBN after four days, on 13-12-2009, and after this that news was a hot cake for all news channels. So many faces are came to deny that nothing went wrong with Modi but as revealed by AAj Samaaj, finally Lalit Modi had to take off from his castle. THIS TORNADO WAS TAKING ITS SHAPE ON YEAR BACK AS SAID AND DECLARED BY AAJ SAMAAJ. (SOFT COPY OF THAT ISSUE IS ATTACHED AS READY REFERRAL)

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  1. Nice Sir.....Saina has become No. 2.....Good News !